7 Great Apps To Aid Filmmakers In Pre production

Whether you fancy iPhones or Androids, there is an infinite number of apps available at your disposal. Having a vast selection of filmmaking apps available these days, the video production process has gone up leagues higher than where it used to be.

Here are some of the best apps we’ve found in the app store which can help make pre production a breeze. (Note: The apps listed below are mostly for iPhones/iPads, some of which may be available on Androids too)

1) Cinema Forms

Designed to help you go paperless on set, this app has a variety of filmmaking forms you can use so you can focus on shooting your film better. If you like keeping track of all your film documents, this is a great app for keeping them all in one place.

Price : Free / Pro, $30 (iTunes)


2) Panascout Lite

A location scouting app that allows you to take photos of potential filming locations. Apart from allowing you to keep GPS data attached to each photo, the app also allows you to account for varying aspect ratios and crop factors which can come really useful in planning out your frame. Panavision Lite also comes with a sunrise and sunset indicator which we think is a really cool feature in itself.

Price: Free / $0.99 to upgrade with GPS, Sunrise/Sunset features


3) celtx Script

In making a narrative piece, chances are that you need to write a script first and foremost. celtx features automatic formatting based on industry standard of your script’s genre. Since it’s compatible with iPhones and iPads, editing can be done on the go, wherever you are.

Price: Free (iTunes)


4) Story Planner

An all-around story planner that lets you outline your story or screenplay, Story Planner helps you keep your story straight. You can create a list of characters, scenes, locations, and more to help recall details with ease.

Price $3.99 (iTunes)


5) MatchLens

A great filmmaking app for iPhone that allows you to match the same field of view between cameras and lenses. It’s most useful when planning to match location scout photos or footage to your production camera for focal lengths and fields of view.

Price : $9.99 (iTunes)


6) Adobe Premiere Clip

You’ve made your experimental, stylish project on your phone, but don’t want the headache of uploading all that footage onto the desktop. Adobe has created a bite-sized version of their editing software to give users the basics of video editing. Premiere Clip is also connected by Adobe’s Creative Cloud, so you can import the data into the flagship software.

Price : Free (iTunes)


7) Filmic Pro

While FiLMiC Pro’s interface is packed of settings and features, many of the tools available are hidden behind menus in an effort to keep the interface simple and focused. Additionally, there are all sorts of manual control sliders including that of focus, ISO, tint, white balance, LED flash intensity, shutter speed, and more.

Price: $9.99 (iTunes / Google Play)


These 7 apps are our top picks in aiding with the pre production process, yet we’re sure there’s many more out there. Share with us your top picks in the comments below.

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